Tweet Your Thesis – CEW 2022

Thanks to all the students who participated! You can view the tweets under the hashtag #CEWtweetyourthesis on our Twitter page.

2022 Tweet Your Thesis Winners


Adam Scott
University of Manitoba

Runner up

Yaryna Kudla
University of Guelph

Register in advance via email, but it’s not necessary to attend CEW 2022!

Science communication through Twitter is becoming increasingly popular, and we’re challenging students of CEW to join in and spread the word about their research by explaining their thesis in three tweets. Register in advance to participate in the Tweet Your Thesis Competition by emailing your interest to participate to by September 26th, 2022 (whether you plan to attend CEW2022 in-person, virtually, or not at all), and throughout the month of September, we’ll assign you a day to post your three tweets. Be sure to use the hashtag #CEWtweetyourthesis and we’ll retweet them. We’ll also feature all of the tweets on the CEW website.

Rules: Students are allowed a maximum of THREE tweets (tweets have a 280-character limit where you reply to yourself to make a thread) to explain your thesis in lay terms. You may use ONE picture to accompany each tweet for a total of three tweets + three photos maximum. Include “#CEWtweetyourthesis” in the tweet so that we can find it and retweet. Remember to avoid jargon and highly technical language – the challenge is to provide a concise explanation of your thesis that is understandable to a general audience!