CEW Student Travel Grant Program

The CEW Board of Directors has established a travel grant program whereby up to ten (10) travel grants of $400.00 each will be given to Canadian university students to facilitate, support and enhance student attendance and presentation at annual CEWs.

Eligibility Criteria
To be considered for a CEW Student Travel Grant, the following criteria must be met:

  • The applicant is enrolled as a student in a Canadian university as of the application deadline.
  • The student will deliver a platform or a poster presentation on their research at the CEW.
  • The student’s university address is approximately > 700 km from the CEW venue.
  • The student has not previously received a CEW travel grant.
  • The student is willing to volunteer at the CEW meeting.

By 11:00 pm EDT on June 26, 2020, applicants must submit to Carrie.ecotoxcan@gmail.com:
• a completed 2020 Fillable Application Form;
• a statement of support from the student’s academic supervisor; and
• an abstract (Word or PDF file) for a poster or platform paper on the student’s research.

Please note that abstracts must also be submitted via CEW’s online abstract submission process to be considered for inclusion in the scientific program.

Prior to the application deadline, please contact Carrie Rickwood at Carrie.ecotoxcan@gmail.com or (613) 992-1604 for more information.

A selection committee will review all eligible applications. If the number of applications exceeds the number of available grants, applications will be evaluated on the scientific merit of the abstract and a willingness to volunteer at CEW.  Additional criteria can also be incorporated in such instances to ensure a diversity of winners, this could include geographical location, under-represented groups and field of study.