Student Events

Activities and opportunities available to students at the annual Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop:

1) Student-Mentor Activities

Every year at CEW there are several dedicated opportunities for students to interact with professionals from industry, government, and academia who have volunteered to be mentors. These opportunities include a structured student/mentor event the first evening of CEW, which in the past has included:

•  a speaker providing information about the career search after graduate studies, or
•  mentor(s) sharing their experiences in transitioning from graduate studies into a professional career, or
•  ‘speed’ mentoring, a crowd favourite.

The evening is a great opportunity to get information and advice that will help you take the steps necessary to get where you want to go after you’ve finished school. During remaining days of the workshop, less structured opportunities will be provided for students to again interact with mentors in the form of a student/mentor lunch.

Students are not required to bring their own mentor; all mentors are provided by CEW. We’ve got some of the best mentors in the business!!!

2) Student Platform and Poster Awards

Students who present platforms or posters can enter a presentation awards competition. Volunteer judges evaluate all platforms and posters. Judging is based on criteria identified by CEW. Click here to access link to the student poster and platform presentation judging form and rubric. We encourage students to review the rubric when preparing their platform or poster presentation.

3) Co-Judging

Students have an opportunity to co-judge platforms and/or posters with a judging mentor. The students will use the judging rubric to independently judge the platforms or posters assigned to them and then sit down with their judging mentor to discuss each other’s judging decisions. This is a great opportunity for students to get a behind-the-scenes view of how judges decide what constitutes a good presentation of data, whether in the form of a poster or platform presentation. It will provide insight that can help you improve the presentation of your own data.

All judging mentors will be provided by CEW. Students just have to indicate on their registration form that they are interested in being involved in co-judging.

4) Assisting Session Chair(s)

Students also have the opportunity to assist session chair(s) during the workshop. Assisting chair(s) involves loading presentations and ensuring they are in the proper queue, keeping track of attendance at each presentation, thinking of possible questions to ask presenters, and possibly introducing presenters to the audience. Assisting a session chair(s) provides students with unique opportunity to see how sessions are run at workshops, not to mention the networking opportunities.

Students interested in assisting co-chairs should indicate this on their registrations form. The student program organizers will then match students up with a session chair(s).

For more information on the CEW Student Program, please go to the Students of CEW webpage: