Meme Competition 2022

This year’s winners:

2022 Meme Competition Winners


Nicholas Letwin
University of Guelph


Moira Ijzerman
University of Guelph

What better way to deal with the crippling pressures of school than with humour? A CEW Meme Competition tradition, students and non-students who have registered for CEW 2022 compete by designing their own toxicology memes to communicate the funny side of science! There are cash prizes for the best meme.

Rules: Memes must be original content – no copying already existing memes (you can, however, use an existing photo)! Memes should relate to some aspect of ecotoxicology. Email your memes to us at until September 26th, 2022 and we will post them on Twitter and Facebook. The CEW community can vote for their favourite meme using “likes”. Voting will be open until the end of the CEW conference (October 5th, 2022) and winners will be announced at CEW2022 and via social media.



Some examples from last year’s competition:

First place 2022 by Nicholas Letwin
Second place winner 2022 by Moira Ijzerman