CEW – In Memoriam Guidelines

The CEW program book, distributed to CEW members at each annual workshop, is the forum for acknowledging the passing of CEW members. If you wish to submit an In Memoriam notice, CEW management will confirm the primary details of a member’s life prior to publication of the program book. Please submit any notices to info@ecotoxcan.ca by August 15; any submissions received after this date will be included in the following year’s program book.

Submissions to the current Organizing Committee Chairs should include the following verified information:

1. Full name, year of birth and date of death.
2. Education, including institutions and graduation years.
3. Final professional affiliation.
4. Area of professional expertise.
5. Any brief highlights of the person’s career and their relationship with CEW.
6. One high resolution photo (JPEG file) with permission to use it.