Sunday Tours

Golfing at Victoria Park East Club – event cancelled

Established in 1967 by the DeCorso Family, the Victoria Park Golf Club ( is home to two of the premier courses in the Golden Triangle region.  Located in the scenic countryside of Guelph, the Victoria Park East Club offers beautiful fairways and greens to explore. Immerse yourself in their beautiful surroundings, while you enjoy a round with friends—and experience views that are consistently described as “spectacular” by golfers from around the region!  Play 18 holes, 11:00 a.m. start time.  If more than 4 groups register then there will be a staggered start to allow all groups complete their game by 4pm in order to be back at the Delta Hotel by 5pm. A bus will pick you up at the Delta Hotel at 10:30 am Sunday morning and will return you to the hotel by 4:45 pm.  Cost: $65 per person (includes cart and bus transportation).

Tour of the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario

Want to know more about the barcode of life?  Literally steps away from the conference venue is the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario at the University of Guelph (BIO).  Established in 2003, BIO is the birthplace of DNA barcoding and its Centre for Biodiversity Genomics is dedicated to the study of biodiversity at the species level and the advancement of this field of research 1-hour tour will start at 3 pm (tour 1) and 4 pm (tour 2) on Sunday, October 1.  Please meet at the entrance of the BIO (579 Gordon St.) shortly before 3 or 4 pm.  Cost: Free

Please register for for BIO tour by Friday, September 29 at 5PM EST.

Rafting Down the Grand River

Think you are in “Downtown Ontario” in the middle of the most densely populated part of Canada?  That will be hard to believe while you spend the day rafting down a beautiful stretch of the Grand River admiring the October colours and keeping an eye out for ospreys and blue herons.  Experienced guides from the Grand River Rafting Company will be leading each raft and will stop to interpret the many natural, historical, and cultural features of this Canadian Heritage River.  A delicious shoreline barbeque will be included.  This is a trip suitable for all skill levels though we can’t guarantee there won’t be a little friendly competition among rafts!  The tour begins at the Delta Hotel 9 am Sunday morning where you will be picked up by bus and you will return to the hotel by 4 pm, well in time for student-mentor activities and the conference reception.  Cost: $65 (includes lunch and transportation)

Please fill out the Grand River Rafting Company’s participant waiver form ahead of time and bring with you on the trip.  This will help get us on the water faster! PARTICIPANT WAIVER

Please dress according to weather conditions and your comfort needs (e.g., bring your own water, sunscreen, etc.)

Glass containers and alcohol are not permitted on the trip

In the event of unsafe weather conditions the trip will be cancelled and participants will have their fees reimbursed. Notification of cancellation will occur by 8:00 am October 1 2017.

Please register for for rafting tour by Wednesday, September 27 at 5PM EST.

A Toast to Guelph – Tour a Local Craft Brewery and Distillery

For the last five years, small scale craft breweries and distilleries have been popping up all over Ontario. Let us take you on an exciting tour to Guelph’s own Stone Hammer Brewery and, right next door, Dixon’s Distillery You can expect a behind-the-scenes look into the brewing and distilling process and enjoy an afternoon of sampling a variety of quality local beverages.  The tour is approximately 3 hours and a bus will pick you up at the Delta Hotel at 1:15 pm Sunday afternoon and will return you to the hotel latest by 4:40 pm. Cost: $25 (includes transportation).

***Note: Transportation by bus between the Delta Hotel Guelph and the Stone Hammer Brewery/Dixon’s Distillery, to be provided by CEW, is mandatory for participation on this tour.***

Please register for for brewery tour by Friday, September 29 at 5PM EST.