Get ready!

CEW 2017 is being held at the Delta Hotel in Guelph, Ontario on October 1 – 4, 2017!

Guelph is located in the heart of Ontario’s Great Lakes region. With increasing frequency, news describing environmental problems in the Great Lakes basin appears in regional and national newswires. The current state of the Great Lakes reflects the cumulative effects of multiple, and often interacting, stressors whose origins are both terrestrial and aquatic. The theme for CEW 2017, “From Land to Lakes: Integrative Ecotoxicology in the Great Lakes Basin and Beyond,” embodies the need for integrative thinking and plays directly into the expanded purview of the CEW by recognizing the intimate linkage between activities on the landscape and responses in aquatic ecosystems; and that addressing these issues effectively will demand creative, integrative and cooperative science, policy and management approaches.