CEW Testimonials

In my experience, the Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop (formerly the Aquatic Toxicity Workshop) is the best conference for students. There is no conference that gives students more opportunities to interact with mentor scientists and help out with the organization of the workshop. The CEW mentors are awesome! They are excited to pass their experiences onto students and provide insight where they can. I will do whatever I can to get my students and myself to CEW every year!!!

Ryan Prosser, Assistant Professor, University of Guelph

As the only student from my lab going, I arrived at Aquatic Toxicity Workshop (now CEW) in 2013 as a nomad and I left as part of the CEW family. The student activities provided me an opportunity to meet fellow colleagues and mentors; the platform sessions allowed me an opportunity to learn more about the toxicology field across Canada; and the scientific feedback I received was supportive and encouraging- yet necessary and helpful.

Laura Tupper-Ring, M.R.M, Environmental Scientist at Dillon Consulting Ltd.

Principales raisons j’ai assister à CEW :

  • Excellente occasion de suivre les progrès dans mon champ d’intérêt.
  • Excellente occasion d’entendre et de rencontrer les experts en écotoxicologie au Canada
  • Excellente occasion d’entendre et de rencontrer les scientifiques d’Environnement Canada
  • Le programme de cours est une bonne occasion de se perfectionner dans plusieurs disciplines
  • Une des conférences que j’apprécie le plus.

Pierre Martel, FP Innovations, Pointe Claire, Quebec

I was very fortunate to attend my first ATW (now CEW) shortly after completing my undergraduate degree when it was held locally and have been able to attend fairly regularly throughout my graduate studies and early career. What I really like about CEW is the ability to easily interact with other Canadian professionals, which is facilitated by the size and format of the meeting (e.g., communal breaks and lunches). I have been able to make and maintain contacts at CEW, knowing that I am likely to see them at the next meeting, which has led to work opportunities. I am particularly happy to see how the student program has developed to give students the opportunity to ‘break the ice’ and make connections with professionals, initiating the process of networking with peers and professionals.

Jordana Van Geest Ph.D.,  Environmental Scientist,  Golder Associates Ltd.    

The Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop is the main hub connecting scientists across Canada on environmental issues relevant to Canada.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to regularly attend the CEW, to share information and ideas, meet many talented people, and re-connect with friends.  I appreciate that CEW is big enough to attract a diverse group of participants and attendees, and also small enough to foster an intimate and welcoming atmosphere.

Patti Orr, M.Sc., Principal/Senior Scientist at Minnow Environmental Inc.

I had the privilege to attend CEW regularly during my student years, and cannot praise the student program enough. Participating in this program and being celebrated with the Playle Award really helped me solidify my role as a toxicologist. Each year brought new topics of discovery, new faces, and old friends. I am delighted to see the scope of the workshop grow to include all ecotoxicity, and I look forward to attending this conference throughout my career.”

Laura Jane Phalen,  Department of Fisheries and Oceans

When I first came to CEW, I was a nervous MSc student  since I had never attended a toxicology conference with experts from around the world before and I felt intimidated as I didn’t know who to talk to, what questions to ask, how to network, etc.  However, shortly after I arrived to CEW I discovered the attendees to be incredibly welcoming and friendly.  The student events helped me connect with established individuals from the industry, government, and academia that I wouldn’t have been able to meet otherwise. With so many people in toxicology concentrated in one area, I also got a chance to share my research, discover the various frontiers in toxicology, develop hard and soft skills through the various half or full day workshops, bounce off ideas with researchers, and have open discussions with experts.

I would 100% recommend CEW to students in toxicology who want to present their research to people and who wants to connect with experts.  CEW clearly demonstrates their support for toxicology students by having a fabulous student program with various events.  There are travel grants and support, so there are no excuses for students to not attend.

Jessica Leung, PhD Candidate, University of Waterloo

CEW is the cornerstone annual event for Canadian field toxicologists. The workshop has an excellent mix of professionals and students from academia, industry and the regulatory community. Supervisors looking to expose students, at any level, to an engaging meeting with the highest quality science and in an environment that encourages interaction cannot do better than CEW.

Vince Palace, International Institute for Sustainable Development – Experimental Lakes Area

My all-time favorite scientific meeting:

  • Good science, good ideas
  • Few concurrent sessions, great interactions
  • Lots of opportunities to discuss the science and ideas
  • Meeting old friends, making new friends and connections
  • Lunches included (unique to CEW)
  • Great combination of professional and fun activities

Peter Chapman Ph.D., Principal /Senior Environmental Scientist, Chapema Environmental Strategies Ltd.

Gordon Craig’s top (14) reasons to attend the Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop are:

  1. Canada’s research scientists, among the best in the world, will bring you the latest in advances in environmental toxicology.
  2. Student presenters will have a 1 in 10 chance of winning a platform or poster award. Put that in your resume!
  3. Our Playle award winners will wow you with their winning thesis presentations.
  4. Special discussion groups will dig deep into emerging issues.
  5. Field reports will introduce recent findings and new applications for fundamental research.
  6. Catch up with colleagues and get the latest news before it hits the papers.
  7. The banquet is to die for and the music will rock you !
  8. Visit the host city before or after CEW.
  9. Network, network, network your way forward in your career.
  10. Often it is not what you know but who you know that helps to solve problems.
  11. 80% of success is just turning up.
  12. Explore the far corners of Canada in three days at CEW.
  13. Guest presenters will introduce new concepts and environmental trends.
  14. Join the student programme as a mentor, student judge and provide career advice.

CEW (formerly the Aquatic Toxicity Workshop) has been a crucial meeting for me during my career and helped launch the careers of many Canadian environmental toxicologists.  I’ve participated in many ATWs as both an environmental consultant and as a government toxicologist over the years.  ECCC’s biological test methods and supporting guidance documents are world-class and something that my Section is very proud of.  However, the annual CEW has been an absolutely critical event that has brought together Canadian ecotoxicology experts who have supported the development of these standardized methods and guidance over the past 27 years.  The workshop is the key Canadian meeting which has given ECCC staff a venue to present research supporting new test methods and for discussion of science advancements plus additional guidance.  The ecotoxicology community in Canada is relatively small in comparison to the American ecotox community but fortunately, we have the Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop that brings us together; environmental toxicologists from government, academia, industry and private consulting!

Rick Scroggins, Chief, Biological Assessment and Standardization Section, Environment and Climate Change Canada

I have been attending the Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop (formerly the Aquatic Toxicity Workshop) since 1990 (Vancouver), having only missed a small handful of the meetings. In many ways, I have always felt as though the CEW has been my career “home base”; throughout the last 27 years of working in this field, I have been involved in various diverse aspects of the workshop – presenting papers, co-chairing sessions, instructing short courses, student judging and mentoring, and participating in organizing committees and social programs – all of which I have found to be exceptionally rewarding, both personally and professionally. From my perspective, the size and scope of the CEW makes it conducive for keeping abreast of the state of science and emerging issues, professional development, networking, and socializing (read ‘making music’ with Toxicologists in the Key of Lemna minor!) with colleagues and friends in this dynamic field of ecotoxicology in Canada.

Guy Gilron, MSc, RPBio/Borealis Environmental