CEW Outstanding Contribution Award


Established in 2017, the CEW Award for Outstanding Contribution to Canadian Ecotoxicology (the “Award”) recognizes individuals who have made a significant and measurable contribution to the field of ecotoxicological science in Canada.


To be eligible for the Award, the recipient will have made a significant, measurable contribution, or accomplished a remarkable achievement, in the field of ecotoxicology in Canada.

Nominations and Deadline

Any CEW member may nominate an individual to the CEW Board (Nomination Form).  The nominator will:

  • describe the person’s background and the significant contribution for which they are being recognized, and its’ relevance to Canada
  • enclose no more than three letters of support (maximum 2 pages in length each)
  • enclose the nominee’s Curriculum vitae which will not be used in the selection process but will provide some context regarding the candidate’s profile

The deadline to submit nominations is June 1st, each year.  Submit all required information to the CEW Secretary Sarah Hughes.

Award Recipient

The Award will be bestowed upon the winner at a subsequent CEW Annual Meeting. The recipient(s) will receive a plaque describing the achievements of the honouree.