CEW Media Policy

The Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop (CEW), formerly known as the Aquatic Toxicity Workshop (ATW), is a not-for-profit organization, welcomes media representatives to its annual meetings to report on scientific presentations and environmental issues. All members of the media must register and obtain a name badge showing their affiliation. No fee will be charged unless they wish to take part in the lunch, in which case they will be charged the one day rate.

In order to prevent disruptions and to ensure science-based discourse among speakers and attendees, the following policy applies:

•  There will be no cameras allowed in, nor radio broadcasts made directly from, technical and keynote plenary sessions without the express, advance approval of the presenter(s), Board of Directors Chair and Organizing Committee (OC) Co-Chairs.

•  Filming and other means of recording may be allowed in the poster sessions with the express, advance approval of the presenting author, Board of Directors Chair and OC Co-Chairs.

•  If members of the media would like to speak with a presenter, a separate interview can be arranged following the session. Each Session Chair has the responsibility to limit questions to keep technical session presentations on schedule.

•  A CEW Director or OC member can be available on request to familiarize members of the media with the meeting layout, answer questions about the CEW, and generally facilitate their work.

•  Journalists are expected to respect a presenter’s or meeting participant’s choice to speak or decline to speak with members of the media. Similarly, presenters are not obligated to share copies of their presentation material when requested by journalists.

Any media representative who sells, markets or represents a company for purposes of obtaining advertising or subscriptions from any exhibitor or registrant will immediately forfeit press credentials for this and subsequent meetings.

This policy is intended to engender a rational and professional forum in which science-based issues can be discussed.