Formerly known as the Aquatic Toxicity Workshop (ATW), CEW is Canada’s predominant annual meeting in the field of ecological toxicology and related disciplines.  It provides the opportunity to share information on current and emerging topics of regional, national and international importance related to contaminants in ecosystems, both aquatic and terrestrial. Participants include students, academics, government scientists and regulators, environmental consultants and industry representatives. For more information about the CEW, see About.

Session Proposals for CEW 2017 in Guelph

Now Being Accepted!!!

The scientific program committee for CEW 2017 in Guelph is now accepting session proposals. Session proposals will be accepted until Monday, March 13. Chairs are asked to provide a brief description (≤ 200 words) of their proposed session, which should include rationale, goals/objectives, and target audience. Please see the session proposal template linked below. While the program committee welcomes all session proposals, we are particularly hoping to receive session proposals related to the following topics in ecotoxicology:

Theme for CEW 2017: Ecotoxicology in the Great Lakes Basin and Beyond

General topics:

– Wildlife toxicology

– Metals and mining

– Pesticides

– Contaminants in air

– Environmental monitoring

– “Omics”

– Analytical chemistry

– Soil toxicology

– Sediment toxicology

– Oil and gas

– Mechanistic toxicology

– Adverse Outcomes Pathways

– Ecological risk assessment

– Statistical approaches to support risk assessment and/or management decisions

– Bioremediation/restoration

– Wastewater/urban point sources

– Bioaccumulation, bioconcentration, and persistence in the environment

– Environmental fate modelling

Specific topics of interest related to the conference theme:

– Great Lakes – harmful/nuisance algal blooms

– Great Lakes – agricultural inputs

– Great Lakes – microplastics or nanoparticles

– Great Lakes – integrating science and policy


CEW 2017 Session Proposal template


An important responsibility of session chairs is to solicit platform and poster presentations for their session. The presence of your session in the program will depend on your efforts to recruit presenters.

Questions and/or session proposals should be sent to Program Committee Chairs Paul Sibley at or Ryan Prosser at


Call for Professional Development Short Course Proposals

The 44th Annual Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop (CEW) will be held at the Delta Hotel in Guelph, Ontario, from October 1st to 4th, 2017.  This year’s theme is ‘From Land to Lakes: Integrative Ecotoxicology in the Great Lakes Basin and Beyond’.  We are inviting proposals for professional development short courses in the areas of terrestrial and aquatic ecotoxicology, including human health.

If you are interested in leading a professional development short course that fits within the scope of CEW, please submit a brief (up to 500 words) proposal for a course that includes:

1) the course title,

2) the proposed course content, and

3) the expertise of the instructor (and co-instructors if applicable).

Please identify whether this:

  1. A) is a full (6 h) or half (3 h) day course,
  2. B) anticipated maximum and minimum enrolment numbers, and
  3. C) any special space and/or equipment needs.

Courses are expected to be, at a minimum, revenue-neutral such that any costs incurred in course delivery will be offset by participant registration fees.

Proposals must be submitted to the CEW 2017 Professional Development Courses Committee (via email to by April 30th, 2017. The Committee will evaluate course proposals on the basis of suitability to the meeting theme, potential interest, and anticipated costs. Final decisions will be made by May 30th, 2017. All courses must be delivered on Sunday, October 1st, 2017.


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