CEW Student Presentation Awards

Volunteer judges evaluate all student poster and platform presentations entered in the competitions according to criteria identified by the CEW Board of Directors, with input from students and judges. On the final day of CEW, certificates and cash prizes are awarded to the top three presenters in both the poster and platform presentation categories. CEW judges and members alike are consistently impressed by the high quality of student presentations! (Click here to view past CEW student presentation award winners.)

Effective 2018, our awards have been dedicated to two prominent scientists who had a significant impact on the CEW community.

Peter Chapman

The Peter Chapman Outstanding Student Platform Presentation Award

In 2018, the CEW Board of Directors decided to name the top student platform award, “The Peter Chapman Outstanding Student Platform Presentation Award”, in memory of Dr. Peter M. Chapman (1951-2017). Peter was a loyal supporter of CEW and its predecessor, the Aquatic Toxicity Workshop (ATW), for decades and founded the first ATW student presentation awards in 1990. Peter was a world-renowned environmental toxicologist, partner in EVS Environmental Consultants in Vancouver for 25 years, and a senior partner of Golder for 10 more years after EVS’s merger with Golder, before retiring to his own consulting practice in 2014.

Art Niimi

The Arthur J. Niimi Outstanding Student Poster Presentation Award

Also in 2018, the Board of Directors decided to dedicate the best student poster award, “The Arthur J. Niimi Outstanding Student Poster Presentation Award”, to retired scientist Art Niimi. In addition to his research in ecotoxicology with Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s Great Lakes Laboratory for Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences in Burlington for several decades, Art was Chair of the ATW Board of Directors for 20 years (1986-2005) and has been passionate about the medium of communication that poster presentations represent.

CEW Student Presentation Judging Procedure

CEW has a student presentation competition with monetary prizes for first, second, and third place. Students can enter a poster or platform presentation in this competition. Volunteer non-student attendees (judges) are needed to evaluate these presentations. Three judges are needed for each presentation, so please consider volunteering.

Students indicate their interest in participating in the competition during abstract submission. To become a judge, non-student attendees indicate their interest in evaluating student presentations during conference registration.

Prior to the conference, conflicts of interest (i.e. supervisors, co-authors) between judges and student presenters are identified to the best of the committee’s knowledge. Then, excluding conflicts of interest, judges are randomly assigned to student presentations. The judges are notified of their assigned student presentations ahead of the conference so there is time to indicate further conflict of interest. While judging assignments are organized by the student program sub-committee, these students are not involved in the actual judging or tallying of scores for presentations.

During the conference, standard forms are provided (choice of digital or physical) for judges to score student presentations. The forms are constructed based on input from previous students and judges and are intended to help standardize the evaluation of presentations by providing a detailed scoring guide. When judges have completed and submitted their forms, scores are tallied by designated non-student members of the organizing committee. Following the last student presentation, all student scores are tallied and the scores from multiple judges are averaged to tabulate a mean score for each student. The mean scores are used to determine a first, second, and third place for both poster and platform presentations. For the hybrid style of CEW 2021, separate awards will be given for in-person platform, virtual platform, and poster categories.