CEW student oral presentation awards:
“Three Minute Thesis”

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition was developed by the University of Queensland in 2008. The challenge of the 3MT is for students to condense and translate their research into a very brief and clear oral presentation that is accessible to non-experts. To find out more about the 3MT, visit http://threeminutethesis.org/, where you will also find examples of 3MT student presentations.

This year CEW invites all student attendees presenting a poster or platform to compete in our 3MT competition. All students interested in competing are encouraged to apply for the competition when completing their CEW abstract submission.


The 3MT competition is open to all BSc, MSc and PhD students who have presented a platform or poster presentation at CEW and were students at the time of Abstract submission. Due to time constraints, a maximum of 10 presentations will be allowed, with candidates selected by the CEW Program Committee (should more than 10 apply).


  1. Presenters are allowed a single PowerPoint slide, which must be “static” (i.e., no animations, slide transitions, videos, sound). This slide will be shown from the beginning to the end of the presentation.
  2. Presentations are limited to 3 minutes maximum. Presentations exceeding 3 minutes will be disqualified.
  3. The 3 minute presentation must be based on their poster or platform presentation at CEW. It can cover the entire CEW poster/platform, or focus on a portion of that presentation (e.g., key findings).

Judging criteria

  1. Was the background to the research question conveyed in a manner appropriate for a non-specialist audience?
  2. Was the presentation presented in a clear and logical manner?
  3. Were the key results and conclusions clearly described?
  4. Did the student make good use of the 3 minutes, or did the presentation feel rushed?
  5. Did the student capture and maintain the audience’s attention?
  6. Did the student have a good stage presence (eye contact, pace, vocal range) and enthusiasm for their research?
  7. Was the PowerPoint slide clear, legible and concise, and did it enhance the presentation?