CEW Outstanding Contribution and Service Award

Honourees for 2021

CEW Outstanding Contribution Award

Karen KiddPeter WellsJennifer Miller

CEW Outstanding Service Award

Gordon Craig

Clockwise from top-left: Dr. Karen Kidd, Dr. Peter Wells, Jennifer Miller; bottom: Gordon Craig

Dr. Karen Kidd

Dr. Kidd has undoubtedly contributed significantly to the ecotoxicology landscape in Canada and her research was described by her nominators as, “highly innovative and impactful.” Over the years, Dr. Kidd’s research has spanned many different issues, including organic contaminants, metals, wastewater, aquaculture, and forestry management. Her decade-long research looking at whole lake effects of the birth control pill led to significant national and international changes in policy regarding disposal of pharmaceuticals, and to date, the keystone paper has been cited over 2000 times. Dr. Kidd has an impressive publication record (at least 149 refereed publications), has supervised over 30 Master’s and PhD students, and has received numerous national and international awards. She has also been the recipient of both Tier 1 and 2 Canada Research Chair positions and is currently the Stephen Jarislowsky Chair in Environment and Health at McMaster University.  In addition to her impressive research record, it was strongly noted by her nominators and supporters that Dr. Kidd’s value as a ecotoxicologist stemmed not only from the quality of her research, but from her strength as a collaborator. To quote one of her colleagues, “she is widely sought as a collaborator. This is because she is not only an excellent researcher, but also an outstanding team member.” In addition, Dr. Kidd is also a dedicated mentor and advocate for Women in Science, and a positive role-model for women and girls pursuing careers in science.

Dr. Peter Wells

Over the last 50 years, Dr. Wells has dedicated his career to the protection of the marine environment through his work on the impact of oils and dispersants on marine organisms, and on the development of ecotoxicity testing. Dr. Wells joined Environment Canada in 1974 at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography. Through his work at ECCC and his involvement with the Environmental Information: Use and Influence research program at Dalhousie, he has contributed significantly to the use of scientific evidence in policymaking, specifically related to the protection of marine environments. He has been a member of numerous national and international committees and advisory boards, working to ensure that science is not excluded or misused in policy creation. Throughout his long and distinguished career, Dr. Wells has been a prolific writer, producing over 300 publications. He has also sat on the editorial board of a number of recognized journals and supervised 25 graduate students. Dr. Wells has developed lasting relationships with his colleagues and collaborators over many years; relationships built on trust, passion for the science, and an eye to interdisciplinary problem-solving where everyone can contribute.

Jennifer Miller

As an external test method writer, Jennifer has been instrumental in establishing the reputation of Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) as a global leader in the development and standardization of the biological tests under the Biological Test Method Series. She has led the preparation of 5 published ECCC biological test method documents, 2 new methods currently under development and contributed to the technical content of 7 new or amended method documents in the ECCC series. Jennifer’s contribution has ensured Canada has some of the best ecotoxicology testing methodologies in the world and as one of her nominees stated “her contribution to this 25-year effort is something to be proud of and is acknowledged by many Canadians and international ecotoxicology practitioners.” Jennifer was also heavily involved in the development of the ecotoxicology component of a proposed Canadian Laboratory Accreditation Program (now known as Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation or CALA) and continues to support CALA through her consulting firm Miller Environmental Sciences Inc, in numerous roles (e.g. lead assessor, quality assurance officer). Her work was instrumental in the successful implementation of the biological tests methods by Canadian accredited laboratories which ensures the production of reliable quality data. Jennifer has given over 15 presentations at CEW and contributed as co-author in many other presentations but as one of her other nominees stated “Jennifer’s strength lies in her behind-the-scenes contribution and her diligence, scientific integrity, her ability to collaborate and her willingness to ensure that the tedious nature of science can be fun”.

Gordon Craig

Gordon started his career in ecotoxicology in 1974, the same year that the first Aquatic Toxicology Workshop (ATW, now CEW) was held. After 10 years with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Gordon became a Principal Investigator with Beak International, and in 1997, opened his own firm – G.R. Craig & Associates – where he worked as an Independent Researcher and Principal Investigator for over 20 years. Mr. Craig has faithfully dedicated himself to the CEW over its entire history, being one of a select few co-chairs to host three meetings, including the second ATW in Toronto in 1975. He rotated on and off the Board of Directors between 1984 and 2003 before being appointed for a 10-year term, followed by an elected 3-year term. Gordon’s ongoing presence on the Board served to provide stability and strengthen institutional memory of the CEW corporation. He produced the official forty-year history of CEW retrospective, and is even responsible for registering the original atw.ca domain. We all have undoubtedly benefited from his foresight and his generosity of spirit over these many years, whether we realized or not. Having missed only a handful of annual workshops, Gordon is undoubtedly at the heart of the CEW community. As one of Gordon’s colleagues puts it, “One cannot reflect on the history of the CEW without also thinking about Gordon Craig. From the initial meetings in the 1970s to the design of the new CEW logo in 2015, Gordon was there.” Gordon Craig’s lifelong dedication, forward thinking, and desire to build a workshop and community that would outlast him have resulted in this truly special home for Canadian ecotoxicologists.