The Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop

The Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop (CEW), formerly known as the Aquatic Toxicity Workshop (ATW), is Canada’s major annual meeting in the field of ecological toxicology and related disciplines. It provides the opportunity to share information on current and emerging topics of regional, national and international importance related to contaminants in ecosystems, including aquatic organisms, wildlife and soils/sediments. Participants include students, academics, government scientists and regulators, environmental consultants and industry representatives.

Evolving Science In Changing Times

The 41st annual ATW was held at the Ottawa Convention Centre in Ottawa Ontario from September 28 to October 1, 2014. Click here for more information.

Annual Proceedings

Presented abstracts will be included in the ATW 2014 proceedings. If you would like to make changes to your abstract, as featured in the searchable abstract database, or if you would like to submit a short paper in place of your abstract, please refer to ATW’s style guidelines before submitting the updated version to Rosalie Allen Jarvis by November 7, 2014. Past annual proceedings are available here.

ATW 2014 Schedules

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Important Dates

Deadline for submitting updated version of abstract – November 7th 2014

CEW will be held at the Radisson Hotel in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on October 4-7, 2015.